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      State power investment net profit growth, first quarter to achieve a good start
      release time:2020-04-11
      STATE POWER INVESTMENT FIRST QUARTER "RED DOOR" profit growth. On April 8, the state power investment held the 2nd Special Meeting of the party group in 2020 and the regular meeting of the production and operation work in April, listening to and analyzing the general situation of the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and the production and operation work of the group company in the first quarter, and make arrangements and arrangements for the next phase of key work. Group Secretary of the Party Group, Chairman Qian Zhimin attended the meeting and spoke, deputy secretary of the party group, General Manager Kong Ngai presided over the meeting. Group leaders Zubin, Yang Ya, Liu Xiangmin, Xia Zhong, Chen Weiyi, Wang Shudong, Liu Mingsheng attended the meeting. Qian Zhimin stressed that the group's leading party group should form a regular mechanism to study production and operation work every quarter, combine the analysis of quarterly production and operation with the study of the Leading party group, and conduct in-depth research on the group's economic operation trend through fine management, to promote the management level of the group, to achieve high-quality development. At the meeting, Kong Ngai briefly reviewed the first quarter of the epidemic prevention and control and production and operation of the overall situation. The safety production, development and operation of the group company in the first quarter have maintained overall stability, the key tasks have been steadily advanced, and the operating efficiency has risen against the trend. Total profit, net profit and other efficiency indicators greatly exceeded the plan progress, power generation is lower than the industry average value, the group clean energy accounted for a higher industrial advantage. Haiyang nuclear power units 1 and 2 successfully completed the first refueling overhaul, ULANQAB and a number of other key tasks, major projects and made steady progress and phased breakthroughs. Under the leadership of the Leading Party Group of the group company, all units in the system have made a good start to the whole year's work by focusing on the prevention and control of the epidemic and resuming work and production. Kong Ngai pointed out that after the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the group quickly established a comprehensive epidemic prevention and control system and a precise and orderly resumption of production mechanism, made a thorough deployment of the system, formulated detailed measures, and increased supervision, pay Close attention to the implementation, check 62 second-level units, 463 epidemic prevention and control, security and resumption of work and production measures, become the earliest 100% resumption of work and production of one of the central enterprises. In the face of the severe situation of global epidemic, the group company strengthened its response, focusing on the prevention and control of overseas epidemic, and made every effort to ensure the health and safety of overseas employees. For the next phase of the key work, Kong Ngai requested, to continue to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, implement detailed measures to ensure the completion of the year's business objectives and tasks. We will deepen supply-side structural reform, spare no effort to increase power generation, continue to tamp down asset quality, and strive to tap the potential and increase efficiency of existing assets. We should vigorously push forward the implementation of major strategic projects, actively advance the research work on "new infrastructure" , accelerate the cultivation of comprehensive and intelligent energy, and promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure through industrial transformation and innovation. To carry out the key indicators "double standard" , accurate incentives to stimulate enterprise vitality, high-quality development for the group to lay a more solid foundation. The State Nuclear Power Academy is a wholly-owned second-class state power investment enterprise, which specializes in thermal power, nuclear power, new energy and Power Grid Business, and is the core unit of China's three-generation nuclear power independence, in advanced nuclear power conventional island, all types of clean energy, ultra-high-voltage power grid, large capacity and high-parameter thermal power field with competitiveness. China's comprehensive energy services industry will enter a period of rapid growth from 2020 to 2025, with a market potential of 0.8 trillion yuan to 1.2 trillion yuan and a market potential of 1.3 trillion to 1.8 trillion yuan by 2035, the State Grid Daily reported. In addition to the state power investment, the five major power generation groups specifically into the integrated energy services market are China Huaneng Group, Huadian Group and Datang Group. Among them, Huadian Group clarified its action plan on Integrated Energy Services in June last year, proposing to complete a number of integrated energy services projects by 2020, with sales revenue reaching 30 billion yuan; and to become a major integrated energy service provider in China by 2025, sales revenue reached 50 billion yuan. In addition, Jingneng Group, Zheneng Group, Sichuan Nengtou and other local energy state-owned enterprises, Gexin, Xinao and other private enterprises are also expanding the comprehensive energy services market. The State Grid Corporation of China has upgraded its integrated energy services business to a "second major business" . On February 18, State Grid's State Grid Integrated Energy Services Group established capital ties with 25 provincial integrated energy companies. Southern Power, another grid giant, is pushing for the listing of its Integrated Energy Services Company. On March 27, the Securities and Futures Commission (CSRC) accepted the listing application materials of China Southern Power Grid Integrated Energy Co. , Ltd. . The company landed in a share, will become the domestic integrated energy services sector the largest listed company.